woensdag 3 februari 2016

3D Fish in an Interactive Aquarium with Transparent Displays.

Check out CDS new ‘ClearVue 3DP’ creation with their transparent LCDs. Combining an Ultra High brightness LCD with Transparent LCD, using ‘polarmatch’ technology to achieve a parallax 3D environment in which to immerse you customer in your brand message…

The concept allows you to have an active background image, as well as a transparent LCD working in combination. In this particular example we have a 2,000 cd 47” LCD as the rear panel , and TLCD with matched polarisation approx. 180mm in front

We have just used some demo content here at CDS, check it out in this YouTube clip below, the background display shows the aquarium foliage and the foreground shows the majority of the fish.

A couple of clients have used this concept to create immersive displays with the most incredible and fantastic ideas! You could even put a product between the displays if you wanted to! For more

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