zondag 31 juli 2016

Putting VR on the menu.

Recently, McDonald’s experimented with self-ordering kiosks, interactive tables and other smart technologies. Now, one McDonald’s location in Singapore is adding virtual reality to the menu, with kiosks.

At the McDonald’s Marine Cove location in Singapore, the company deployed virtual reality kiosks to give users a virtual tour of the facility. In the video, customers can get a 360-degree tour of all the location has to offer, from shadow walls to self-ordering kiosks. With the self-ordering kiosks, users can customize and confirm their orders. With the shadow walls, customers can move the shadows of iconic McDonald’s advertising figures by using their own bodies and Microsoft Kinect, according to a report by psfk.

The video showcases the dessert bar, charging stations for mobile devices, the salad bar, food pick-up location and other features. On the virtual tour, customers also see smiling employees at every location to create a sense of warmth and friendliness.

At the end of the tour, the kiosk challenges users to “fall in love all over.” Overall, this virtual reality kiosk is designed to improve the customer experience by crafting a friendly atmosphere with smart technology. You can take virtual tour by watching the video below.

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