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Video Wall With the Shape of a Tennis Racket Promotes Innovation.

eyevis accompanied the presentation of the Babolat Play connected racket prototype of the French manufacturer Babolat VS S.A. during the French Open 2013 from 21st of May to 9th of June 2013 at Roland Garros, Paris. With a racket shaped video wall consisting of nine eyevis omniSHAPES the innovative tennis racket was promoted in the heart of a presentation stand at the tennis tournament.


The Babolat Play racket is Babolat’s newest innovation. The connected racket collects game data every time it hits the ball. Thus the player gets information to analyze his game. On the presentation area at Roland Garros Babolat also shows its history of continuous innovations in tennis since the invention of the first tennis strings in 1875.

omniSHAPES promote Babolat’s newest innovation
Thanks to the unique flexibility of the eyevis omniSHAPES a video wall, shaped like a tennis racket, could be realised. The handle consisted of a 1×3 base of omniSHAPES. On top a 2×3 set of omniSHAPES was attached. To give the set a “round” shape like the head of a racket, the outside corners used omniSHAPES with cut-off corners. This customized video wall was used to show a tweets animation where every visitor could answer the question: “What do you expect of the Babolat Play racket?” Each tweet was first displayed in a prominent position in the upper region of the racket’s head. With every new tweet the previous one slid down and became part of the visual stringing. This way the innovation of the Babolat Play racket was linked to the first Babolat invention: strings

A racket shaped video wall – there is no way around omniSHAPES
To build the racket shaped wall it was necessary to develop a structure that allows you to put a set of 2×3 monitors onto a base that is only one display wide. Additionally it had to be possible to use displays not only with a rectangular shape but also with cut off corners. This was only realizable with eyevis omniSHAPES. Thanks to its modular concept and the possibility to use multiple shapes for the displays the omniSHAPES are predestined for individual installations and designs like the Babolat tennis racket.
Because of the very tight timetable the eyevis design engineers had only four days for the design and the construction of this video wall configuration. Thanks to the standardized components and the widespread experience of the eyevis design engineers with creative and customized video walls this was feasible. To realize the T-shaped connection between the handle and the head of the video wall eyevis offers standardized connection plates for horizontal steps, for example. So it was easy to build a two display wide set of omniSHAPES onto a one display wide base. The customer also wanted to connect sidepanels to the omniSHAPES. Thus the eyevis design engineers developed new connection plates between the SHAPES that could also hold the side and rear panels of the construction. This way the racket shaped video wall could be built within the tight time frame.

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